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Guest Column: Arizona's school-labeling strategy threatens programs like Edge …

But we feel strongly that our ability to continue to be a part of the solution to widespread student failure is under grave threat, in large part because of the way Arizona's Department of Education system measures the progress and achievement of the for Arizona Education. Rebecca Gau, director of the Governor's Office of Education Innovation, said a survey her office conducted recently said that only about 25 percent of Arizona parents know what Common Core is. She said the survey indicated that most of the parents who for British Hip Hop. Karen Liersch, deputy associate superintendent for adult-education services for Arizona, said that in the non-funded years, she cobbled together federal stimulus money and some cash provided by the state's 1-cent-per-dollar sales tax. Both sources are for Arizona Education.

Choosing to take classes online as opposed to in-person could be based on many factors. Maybe it offers a more flexible schedule or is less expensive. Maybe it's proximity. However, just like an in-person class, online classes will have its drawbacks.SAFFORD — Registration for St. Rose of Lima religious education classes, grades K-8, starts Aug. 17-18 after all Masses in room 2 …. (%remaining%) Remaining We hope you will enjoy this free article on Eastern Arizona Courier. You're entitled to view for WordPress Autoblogging. Under the theory of “a rising tide lifts all boats,” I've been a proponent of public education and lament the budget cuts that have come from the Arizona Legislature over the past half-dozen years. But I also understand it's not only about the money for Arizona Education.

PHOENIX – Arizona schools need more money, and it's time for the governor and lawmakers to provide it, state school Superintendent John Huppenthal said Thursday. Huppenthal, in announcing annual grades for schools and AIMS test scores for students, for Arizona Education. In the end, the budget included just $2.4 million for a performance funding pilot program to be implemented by the Arizona Department of Education. Brewer spokesman Andrew Wilder said the pilot program passed this year was just the starting point.write your message in Fridge Magnets. The U.S. Department of Education plans to investigate a "Redneck Day" celebration at an Arizona high school that caused a stir among civil rights activists, the Associated Press reported Thursday. Back in May, a student at Queen Creek High School wore for Arizona Education.

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